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Fixed Interest investments are Australia’s most popular investment type and are generally considered to be safe investments. Financial institutions that sell them are legally obligated to return the investors’ principal, this is often guaranteed by the FCS up to $250,000 or an Insurance Policy from a top tier institution.  

“I used to help me find a better interest rate for my term deposit account, it was a really simple process. I submitted my information and was contacted the next day on the phone by a specialist to discuss my options. The whole process took just a few days and I got a very competitive rate for the next two years.” – Mark Simpson, Sydney

Term Deposit Rates Of Return Up To
0 %
Per annum

24 Months Term

The above rates are based on an investment of $50,000

Fixed Rate Managed Fund Returns Up To

0 %
Per annum
36 Months Term

The above rates are based on an investment of $50,000

Investment Bond Returns Up To
0 %
Per annum

24 Months Term

The above rates are based on an investment of $50,000

Savings Accounts Return  Up To
0 %
Per annum

12 Months Term

The above rates are based on an investment of $50,000

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Fixed Income Information

What is a Fixed Return Investment?

Fixed interest investments include term deposit accounts, bonds, managed funds and savings accounts. They pay investors a set rate of interest over a given time period, at the end of which the amount borrowed, the principal, is repaid by the investment firm along with the interest owed.

Fixed Income investments can be a great way for investors, savers and people planning their retirement to invest, as you have the rate of interest set at the beginning of your investment cycle. Fixed Income Investments also make it easier to manage risk by offering a risk calculated set return at the beginning of the investment. This makes it the ideal investment for Savers & Investors who want a low risk option that offers a higher rate of return than a savings account. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How will my interest be calculated and paid?

Interest is calculated daily and paid annually into a bank account of your choice. There are often further benefits and additional bonus’ and preferential rates available for investors that extend or hold their investments past their maturity date.

What if I need access to my funds before my term deposit matures?

This varies from provider to provider, but in general you’ll need to give at least 31 days’ notice. Please note that accessing your funds before maturity will often incur a prepayment cost, which is usually outlined in the terms and conditions.

What happens to my investment at maturity?What happens to my investment at maturity?

If you haven’t provided instructions for when your term deposit matures, more often than not it will automatically be reinvested for the same term at the interest rate applicable on the date of maturity. You often will have seven calendar days after your funds are reinvested to make any changes (such as adding or withdrawing funds) at no cost.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit?

The maximum amount you can deposit depends on the provider.

In general the maximum deposits are $499,999

If you’d like to apply for a higher term deposit amount, speak with the product provider who can instruct you on the process.